Balloon Wedding Dresses

from Designer wAIR

Balloon Wedding Dress on the catwalk
Bridal Shows

See our balloon Wedding Dresses live on the catwalk at many bridal fayres and shows. See what it feels like and experience this unique material.

Beautiful Bride in a balloon Wedding Dress
Wedding Dresses

Have your own unique Wedding Dress made to order.
Be different from the rest and get a bespoke balloon Wedding Dress.

balloon tunic dress
Your Dress, Your Style

Our wedding dresses can be made in two parts so that later, you can always leave the skirt and keep wearing the dress.

Balloon Wedding Dresses

There is one occasion where the dress is made just for the day, a bride's wedding day. The wedding dress is very important to every bride and many brides want to have something special and individual and a balloon wedding dress can be just that. Having a wedding dress made from balloons is different in itself, just in the material chosen, but with Designer wAIR the design and whole style of the wedding dress can be tailored to suit the bride's individual needs. Because of the unique nature of balloons, there can be more sculptured areas of the dress and rigid parts to create a greater level of interest plus there are the figure shaping features as described for our balloon dresses. All these elements come together to make sure the bride not only gets the attention she deserves on her special day but looks amazing also.

Ordering a Wedding Dress from Designer wAIR is unique in itself. After the initial consultation we create a design, involving you all through the process. We will create a simple dress for you to wear, so that you can feel what it is like to wear a balloon dress, how light it is and how different you will feel, so that it is no surprise on the day. When it comes to the day, we will fit you into the dress and be there to repair any bubbles that may pop. This way you do not have to worry about your dress.