Fundraising Dress

from Designer wAIR

Fundraising balloon POP dress
POP Dress

Our unique fundraising POP dress has many round balloons that can be popped. Each balloon has a numbered token.

Fundraising balloon POP dress being popped
Pay to POP

People at your fundraising event pay to pop a balloon and choose which balloon to pop.

Fundraising balloon POP dress with balloon popped
POP to the Prize Desk

Once popped the token is released which is then exchanged for the matching prize at the prize desk.

POP Dress

Our Balloon POP dresses allow you to maximise your fundraising potential, giving you 60% + value compared to 20% standard on silent auction items. One thing you will have realised by now is that balloon dresses attract a lot of attention from both the public and the media. they also attract a lot of interest at fundraising events too. People literally line up to 'POP' the dress.

How It Works

Every round balloon has a prize token in it. The organisation will provide a table display of prizes similar to a silent auction. The organisation will have at least one person manning prize table through whole event. (This way we get the people who leave early). Prize numbers are a secret!! please do not number items, instead have a master sheet with item numbers on it, the prize and a description what prize is. The model and escort will solicit guests to POP a balloon for a donation amount. Cash Only will be accepted. This is the easiest and least cumbersome way of doing this. POP Value maybe lower later in evening to finish off the promotion. Discretion of the ESCORT.

We can use someone from your organisation or we can provide an experienced model. The model's fee is payable by your organisation. We recommend not to announce when the BIG prize is given out, this maximises fundraising. It works best if you have more than one big prize too

POP VALUE is determined by this equation:

RETAIL Value of donated items DIVIDED BY Number of items = POP VALUE

Example: £2,500 Value DIVIDED BY 100 items = £25 POP VALUE

We suggest there is a ‘Cinderella Moment’ Where the dress is introduced to the party. An introduction is given to the group about who, what and why we are doing this. A list of enticing prizes will be read off. A SHORT auction will follow to sell the first POP on the dress. This will drum up excitement for the dress. The DJ, band, or announcer should do periodical make announcements to promote the dress further. REMEMBER it is a group effort. More balloons popped at the top value more money for your organisation.

Fee Percentage is on a sliding scale basis:

£2,000 below 50% of money raised
£2,001 - £3,000 40% of money raised
£3,001 - £5,000 30% of money raised
£5,001 - £10,000 25% of money raised
£10,001 - 20% of money raised
More prizes = More money net to your organization!