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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a balloon dress last?

A balloon dress is really only made for one event and is expected to last for the one day, however, they can last up to a week depending on the type of balloons, style of dress and temperature.

What happens if the balloons burst, will I be naked?

The weave of the balloons means that each bubble is individually isolated. When a bubble bursts it leaves a gap smaller than the size of the bubble as the bubbles around it move around to fill the space so you would not suddenly lose a whole dress. If you get a bubble burst, other connected bubbles can then slowly go down leaving a long gap of three or four bubbles in the dress, but this is not a tragedy as many fabric dresses can develop a hole, but it does not leave you naked. However, we do not suggest you wear absolutely nothing under the dress.

Am I free to move around in the dress?

In general yes, although this does depend on the design of the dress. Some dresses can be limiting in movement, rather like a slim fabric dress can limit leg movement, but balloons are quite flexible and the movement is less limited.

Can I sit down in the dress?

This depends very much on the design, as some will not be suitable to sit down in. Balloons, unlike fabric, are much more rigid and therefore not affected by gravity as much. This means that in some designs if you sit down, the dress may come up at the front as it will stay in shape. You can discuss this with us when you design your dress and we will offer more suitable designs, or make sure you wear something suitable underneath. It is unlikely that balloons will burst when sitting on most seats as the weight will be evenly distributed across all the bubbles.

I have heard that they can be noisy when you move, is this true?

Yes it is true, balloon dresses do tend to squeak or creak a little as the balloons rub against each other, so perhaps not suitable for wearing in a library, but at most events there will be plenty of other noise about.

I want a balloon dress in my corporate colours, can you get the right Pantones?

Unfortunately balloons only come in a limited range of colours, rather than Pantones. We do stock several shades of the more common colours so we can probably find something close for you.

Can you make a matching suit for my man?

Although this is possible, we generally do not recommend it, not for couture anyway, more for a novelty. The reason is that with a pair of pants, you will have the thickness of two balloons between your legs and although this does not sound like much, it means you have to walk with your legs apart and is not very comfortable.

I heard that you are woven into the dresses. How would I be able to remove it when I need to?

When balloon dresses are made for shows, it is not uncommon for the models to be woven into it, meaning that the dress designer needs to let them out of it. When we make dresses for wearing at an occasion it is impractical and really not desirable to take the designer with you, even though we love going to parties, so we weave a zipper into the dress so that you can take it off and put it on again when required. We can also make a lace up type using balloons.