Promotional Dresses

from Designer wAIR

Balloon Promotional Dress on the catwalk
Corporate Events

Whether it is a Corporate Event at the races, a show or a staff day out, a balloon dress attracts attention. this unique look is a media magnet.

blue dress for the Mellissa Galleria in London
Branch Openings

If you are opening an exhibition, a new branch or even a new business, nothing attracts attention like a balloon dress.

Bewitched Pride in Hull balloon dress
Event Days and Parades

If it's promotional event days for fundraising or awareness or a Pride Parade, our balloon dresses offer a unique look to attract the media.

Corporate Events

When it comes to corporate events or promotional events, whether they are exhibitions and shows, open days, or charity fund raisers, the most important thing is to get your organisation noticed and remembered. When you go to an exhibition, you want to be noticed, but often there are many other organisations around trying to do the same and get people to their stand. Some try giving away gifts, some offer refreshments and many use promo girls to attract people to their stand or to get people to take leaflets. When promo girls are used, a lot of photos get taken with the girl (which is why so many organisations use them) and this can get the organisation noticed easier and leave a lasting memory. At Designer wAIR we suggest you go one step further. Why not have promo girls in balloon dresses? Balloon dresses attract attention, even without the girl, but when you dress a promotion girl in a balloon dress, everyone wants to see it. More photos are taken and if your organisation name or logo is in the photo, you get in front of more people and that can only be good for business. When you have promotion girls in balloon dresses, it’s different and the press also want to take photos, when they are on site, they get published more, the published photos are viewed more and that gets your organisation more attention.

Balloon dresses can be made in your own colours and often your logo can be incorporated into the design. They can be made in specific style to represent what you are trying to focus on that day. At Designer wAIR we will work with you to try to find the dress that represents your organisation best.

Fund Raising

Not only are balloon dresses suitable for attracting attention and raising the profile of your charity, even just to have collection girls wearing them, but they can raise funds themselves. One option is to have prizes as you would have for a silent auction, but instead of the silent auction you would keep the prizes out of site. A balloon dress can then be made with numbered tokens inside the lower balloons and participants can pay to burst a balloon. When they do this, they get the token and then go to claim their prize based on the number they released. This attracts a lot of attention and is also fun to do. It has been found to raise up to 50% more than an equivalent silent auction. What is more, the price of the dress is based on the amount raised, making it much more affordable.