Bespoke Balloon Dresses

from Designer wAIR

Red balloon dress made for filming with ITV
Balloon Dress

Looking for a unique and alternative dress? Then a balloon dress is a fantastic option. We can guarantee no one else will be wearing the same dress.
Be different. Be Unique. Be Bold.

hunger Games themed dress, inspired by the film.
Photo Shoots

Balloon dresses can be created for a variety or themes. Perhaps you are a hair stylist or shoe manufacturer who wants to create an eye catching image for your photo shoot or event.

Balloon Handbag
Balloon Handbags

Balloon handbags are quirky and many have been seen on the arms of top models. These are also practical too. Contact us to have yours created today.

Balloon Fashion

Balloon Couture is very new to the world of fashion and includes balloon dresses, balloon handbags and balloon hats. With Designer wAIR you can be involved in the design process, integrating some of your own design ideas or we can design a bespoke item just for you. We have a rainbow of colours (even more than in our B*Witched dress) available to you and we can mix and match to suit your mood or the occasion. Whether it's a hat for the races or a handbag for an evening out or even a full outfit, we will work with you to create your special couture outfit. Also very few outfits can be said to be environmentally friendly, but our balloon outfits are made from natural latex which is compostable

Why not contact us to discuss your requirements for your special balloon couture and make a real impact at your next special event.

Balloon Dresses

Designer wAIR balloon dresses are woven from balloons, just like any other material. This is a skilled process and each balloon dress can take from 5 to 22 hours to complete and use 100’s or even 1000’s of balloons

Balloon dresses can come in all shapes and sizes and can be worn on their own or layered with other items such as thin cotton skirts and dresses for a different effect. Though they are generally made to last for just one occasion they can sometimes last longer depending on the types of balloons used and the style and features in the dress.

Not only do the dresses attract a lot of attention, as we have already mentioned, but they also hold a couple of secrets too. The first secret is that balloons sculptured in this way make a very supportive structure, which means that they can help to reshape the figure to provide an enhanced flattering effect. So whatever your shape, a balloon dress can make you look great.

If you are looking for an outfit with a difference, alternative fashion or something completely unique, then contact us and discuss your requirements, no pressure, if you pardon the pun

When you order a balloon dress from us we will talk you through the whole process, discuss the design and create your unique look especially for you.

Balloon Handbags

A handbag made from balloons is not only to go with a balloon dress but can also go with other, none balloon outfits. We can design a unique handbag to match your outfit or just to be that little bit different for your occasion. Handbags can be designed in a range of sizes and shapes to suit your requirements and, like the dresses, in a rainbow of colours to match your outfit.

The natural flexibility of balloons mean that we can create a handbag that naturally closes so that your items are out of sight until you need them. You don't have to worry about items falling out even if a balloon bubble bursts, as all our balloon handbags are lined.

Balloon Hats

Gone are the days when a balloon hat was a novelty comedy item at a children's party or village fête. Balloon hats are now a part of Haute Couture and taken much more seriously. Like balloon handbags, hats can be made to match your balloon dress or for use with none balloon outfits and made especially for you. Balloon hats can be large brimmed, tall or even petite fascinators, whatever suits your particular occasion or outfit.