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Allergy Information

Allergies to balloons do exist. The type of balloons we use at Designer wAIR are modelling balloons manufactured from latex and it is those with an allergy to latex that will have a problem. Latex allergy is usually a known issue and those using latex gloves such as dentists and doctors have a higher risk to problems with latex allergies. If you do suffer from a latex allergy or you have had a reaction to latex gloves or balloons, we recommend you do not use our products. Allergies to latex can be a mild rash or flu like symptoms on contact with latex but in severe cases can be life threatening. Latex allergy is not a common issue but it is not extremely rare either.

If you are concerned that other guests at your event may have a problem, you could check with the organisers of the event. Most events have balloons as decoration at them and if there is likely to be anyone with a latex allergy at the event the organisers are usually aware of it. As balloon modellers we have been to events where there are those with latex allergies, particularly at children's parties and we have never had a problem as the balloons have always been kept away from those with allergies. It is good practice to check with the organisers, although many with latex allergies do not attend parties were there may be latex balloons.